Tuesday, October 31, 2006

When doing JasperReports yesterday, I encoutered a weird problem. I have some text fields that holds long strings, so the text has to be wrapped. So I set the text fields to stretch with overflow. It worked fine in iReports 1.2.6. But after deploying it to a web application (Centric CRM), some text fields got the last line cut off, just the last line. And this is not happening on all fields in a page, just some.

I tried different versions of JasperReports and Lowagie iText libraries without any luck. Eventually I figured it out. I have the text fields height set to 18 pixels and my detail band set to 20 pixels so I can get a little padding on top and bottom. Somehow these little padding confused JasperReports. After setting all textfields and band to 20 pixels height, everything worked fine. To archieve the little padding, I set the padding in the Border tab in Properties dialog.

Long story short: When doing JasperReports, if you get the last line cut off when setting Textfield to stretch with overflow, check the text field height and band height. It may help.

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Teodor Danciu said...


It would be helpful if you could provide us with a simple JRXML that would show the problem.
Have you tried post this on the forums at JasperForge here:

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JasperReports Team