Thursday, May 03, 2007

Install RIM Blackberry signature keys and sign .cod file

Waited one week after placing the signature key order with RIM, we finally lost our patience and contacted them. And shortly after that, we received our keys. :)

Three ".csi" files were emailed to us. Installation is straight forward unless you have incompatible Java version. Downloading files onto hard drive, double click on one, you should see a dialog popping up saying "cannot find private key pair file, blah blah" and a "Yes" button at the end to create one. Click on the "Yes" button, if nothing happens you probably have JDK1.6 running and need to downgrade to JDK1.5. Otherwise another dialog will pop up and ask for the registration pin (the 10 digit number you entered when ordering the key) and select a password. Follow the steps to get your first key registered with RIM. Then do the same for the other two. You are done.

Signing your .cod file is straight. Double click on the .cod file, the Signature Tool window with a table listing all the signatures that you need and need not to request for your cod file will pop up. The signatures you need to request depends on the APIs you used in your cod file. Select the rows with category "required" and status "not signed", click the "Request" button, the Signature Tool will talk to RIM server to get the signature needed. Voila, you just got your application signed.

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