Thursday, May 29, 2008

starting vmware server on ubuntu 8.0.4 hardy heron

It wasn't an easy task to get vmware server installed on my kubuntu 8.0.4 box with kernel 2.6.24-17. And after jumping through all those hoops and firing up vmware, I cannot start any virtual machined created. The message I am getting is: Unable to change virtual machine power state: The process exited with an error: End of error message.

After a couple fruitless google searches, I saw a post mentioning about the debug information. Then I went to "edit virtual machine settings" -> "options" -> "advanced" and enabled the "run with debug infor" option. Hah, I got the actual error right away.

It turned out to be that I installed the vmware server with "sudo" and it created a ".vmware" folder in my home folder with root:root permission. Changing the permission fixed my issue.


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