Thursday, January 29, 2009

JSF converter implementation notes

SEAM's built-in converters are big time-savers, especially the s:convertEntity and s:convertEnum. Now the needs of rolling out customized JSF converters are few and far between, I just want to jot down the patterns I had used in case I forget.

  1. take the entity's primary ID as string, and load it from persistence media by ID to convert back to object

  2. implement an algorithm that can encode the object into a unique string, and reconstruct the object by parsing the string

  3. Construct a map of strings and objects. Because converters are instantiated on demand, you have to save the map in a backing bean whose life-cycle spans over requests. The map is nested in the h:selectOneMenu component using f:attribute tag, so that the converter can get a handle of it.

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