Tuesday, May 19, 2009

aventail vpn under k/ubuntu 9.04 fixed

Just fixed my vpn issue with kubuntu 9.04. Actually the solution is not limited to k/ubuntu, google results showed that several other distros have the same issue too.

The symptom: through the web client, I am able to login, get web access, then get web and client/server access, but the Aventail OnDemand Tunnel shows status error, without any details. Or in the binary console client, you got DoHandShake Failed message.

Ben Smith got a great post
which eventually helped me solve my issue. Several points to watch out:

  1. Most importantly, try to compile different versions of openssl if one version didn't work, not necessarily a newer version. I started with 0.9.8g, then tried 0.9.8k without luck, then tried 0.9.8i and it worked. Dont ask why becuase it's way over my head.
  2. Make sure your aventail binary client's version matches your vpn server's version
Hat off to Ben, :)

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